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Windows 7 Control Panel

Thursday, 28 June 20120 comments

 Command-line access to Control Panel pages and tools

Control Panel pageCommand line
Action Centerwscui.cpl
Administrative Toolsexplorer.exe\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
Advanced System PropertiesAdvanced tabSystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe
Advanced System PropertiesComputer Name tabsysdm.cpl or SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe
Advanced System PropertiesAdvanced tabPerformance OptionsData Execution Prevention tabSystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention.exe
Advanced System PropertiesHardware tabSystemPropertiesHardware.exe
Advanced System PropertiesAdvanced tabPerformance OptionsSystemPropertiesPerformance.exe
Advanced System PropertiesSystem Protection tabSystemPropertiesProtection.exe
Advanced System PropertiesRemote tabSystemPropertiesRemote.exe
Backup and Restoresdclt.exe
Bluetooth Devicesbthprops.cpl
Color Managementcolorcpl.exe
Color ManagementAdvancedCalibrate Displaydccw.exe
Date and Timetimedate.cpl or control date/time
Device Managerdevmgmt.msc or hdwwiz.cpl
Devices and Printerscontrol network or control printers
Disk Managementdiskmgmt.msc
DisplayScreen Resolutiondesk.cpl
Ease of Access CenterUtilman.exe
Ease of Access CenterUse the computer without a mouse or keyboardcontrol keyboard or control mouse
Fontscontrol fonts
Game Controllersjoy.cpl
Internet Optionsinetcpl.cpl
Mouse Propertiesmain.cpl or control mouse
Network Connectionsncpa.cpl
Pen and TouchTabletPC.cpl
People Near Mecollab.cpl
Personalizationcontrol desktop
Phone and Modemtelephon.cpl
Power Optionspowercfg.cpl
Programs and Featuresappwiz.cpl
Programs and FeaturesTurn Windows features on or offOptionalFeatures.exe
Region and Languageintl.cpl
Set Program Access and Computer DefaultsComputerDefaults.exe
Sync Centermobsync.exe
Task Schedulertaskschd.msc
User Accountscontrol userpasswords
User Accounts (advanced)control userpasswords2 or Netplwiz.exe
Volume MixerSndVol.exe
Windows FirewallFirewall.cpl
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